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Okay, so it's already a few days into 2014, but I saw this on a friend's Dreamwidth and it looked fun.

01. What did you do in 2013 that you'd never done before?

So many things that I can't list them all here. I have been more outgoing and energetic though. Hmm, I wore a corset, I seriously planned to ask someone out, I started wearing tank tops in the Australian summer heat, I sledded down the Swiss Alps...

02. Did you keep your new years' resolutions, and will you make more for next year?

I haven't made any in years. I never keep them. XD

03. Did anyone close to you give birth?

No, though my sister got married in July and I keep bugging her for a niece or nephew to spoil. XD

04. Did anyone close to you die?


05. What countries did you visit?

Does Perth count if I spend most of the year there at uni? XD Well, we went on a Europe tour in December and I saw France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

06. What would you like to have in 2014 that you lacked in 2013?

More self-discipline, for studying, exercising and eating a bit healthier. And a laptop that doesn't give out on me during the worst part of term when I have a ton of assignments to write and exam prep to start researching.

07. What date from 2013 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?

Um, my 21st birthday (14th July) and my sister's wedding (6th July). My sister's wedding was a complete circus, and a headache to prepare for, but it was a beautiful day and she was beautiful and I saw family members and family friends I hadn't seen in ages (some of them came down from India, Malaysia and even America just for the wedding ♥). And on my birthday I had an amazing costume party and was surrounded by my friends and family. ♥

08. What was your biggest achievement of the year?

Where do I start? XD Well, I ran the SCA Newcomers' Feast at the beginning of the year. It was such a headache and so stressful and a disaester behind the scenes, but all the guests, who had no idea of the drama going on in the kitchen, said it was a lovely event and really enjoyed it.

I also pulled a Hermione in first semester, when I applied for dispensation for unit overload/taking an extra unit. The standard maximum unit load per semester is four, but I was taking five units: Greek 1, Latin 2, German 3, The Golden Age of Athens, and Religion, Gender and Society in Medieval/Early Modern Europe. I did so because I wanted to continue German and start Greek, so German was my extra unit. However, there were a lot of timetable clashes and classes I couldn't attend, so since German was the only class not related to either of my majors, I sacrificed it. I did the best I could and had been doing pretty well on assignments and class tests, but I never had time to go to the conversational German classes and the lectures clashed with my Greek tutorials so I could only attend one German tutorial a week, mostly a written German one. And I never finished/submitted my final German essay, since all my essays were due at the same time and I was freaking out. I really could have done with a Time-Turner.

However, at the same time I was also planning the aforementioned Feast and being very heavily involved in the medieval club in general, and I also ran the Queer Department for half the semester before stepping down because it was too much. So I consider the sheer amount I got done in first semester and how I was running around like the Energiser Bunny and did pretty well in my other units an achievement. XD

Also, in Europe I quickly picked up enough French and Italian to order food and drinks and that sort of thing, and I already knew German so I could order my own vegetarian food. :D

09. What was your biggest failure?

German, which I literally failed because see above. Also, there was this amazing friend I really liked and I was working up the nerve to ask them out (I use the pronoun 'they' because they're agendered, though when I first met them they were still identifying as female). Their last relationship hadn't ended so well and they'd said at the beginning of the year that they weren't really interested in dating at the moment so I was also waiting for a hint that that might have changed. And then JUST when I was going to ask them out, they said they were just starting to date someone else. So I was too late and I do kind of regret that, though I'm moving on.

10. Did you suffer illness or injury?

Oh yes, I actually started 2013 with a spectacular bout of food poisoning or stomach flu. XD I've been ill at various points over the year; I actually ended 2013 with a cold/throat infection, too. And I got lots of small bruises from rapier practice/tournaments.

11. What was the best thing you bought?

Um... the material to make my lovely Egyptian costume, the Egyptian snake arm-bangle, the ancient Egyptian senet gameboard The Ocean At The End Of The Lane, my Key to Erebor pendant, my Viking brooches, my corset, various souvenirs in Florence and Rome... lots of things. XD Also the ticket to the special premiere of Thor: The Dark World, which got me 3D glasses designed like Thor's armour, a poster and a Loki pop vinyl figure, and the chance to see it early with an amazingly geeky and enthusiastic energetic audience.

12. Whose behaviour merited celebration?

Uh... lots of people? My dad, my sister, my uncle, my friends and most especially Pope Francis. That man is amazing.

13. Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed?

My mother and brother. My mother has early-onset Alzheimer's and is still very aggressive and defensive, and also mentally regressing to a spoilt petulant child. My brother... lots of family drama there that I'd rather not go into. Also my cousin's fiancée.

14. Where did most of your money go?

Books, most likely, and fees for SCA events. Also rent and groceries/food.

15. What did you get really, really, really excited about?

My birthday, SCA stuff, the Europe trip (especially ROME *___* ), and food. XD And Latin poetry! And the recent Harry Potter marathon with friends. And a Lord of the Rings marathon with friends in Perth in May.

16. What song will always remind you of 2013?

No idea, I haven't actually listened to many new songs. Though there are a few songs that will always remind me of the Europe trip because they were playing over and over and over again on European MTV in all the hotel rooms and on the radio. Also, I fell in love with this track from Thor: The Dark World, which I saw twice with amazing friends, so it might remind me of 2013? Maybe?

17. Compared to this time last year, you are:

Happier or sadder? Probably happier?
Thinner or fatter? Fatter.
Richer or poorer? I'm not sure.

18. What do you wish you'd done more of?

Writing, studying, cleaning.

19. What do you wish you'd done less of?

Procrastinating, daydreaming.

20. How will you be spending/did you spend Christmas?

My father's family grew up with this other family and they were very close and have remained very close, so every year they invite us over for Christmas dinner and we go and have a lovely time. That was what we did in 2013 as well.

22. Did you fall in love in 2013?

No. I might have, if I had asked out that friend like I wanted to, because I really liked them. Still, I'm moving on and a friend has expressed interest. We're taking things very slow, but it's looking good so far.

23. How many one-night stands?


24. What was your favourite TV program?

SHERLOCK. Also BBC Robin Hood, because it's so bad it's hilarious and also Richard Armitage in leather and guyliner. And BBC's North & South.

25. Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year?

My brother. And my cousin's fiancée.

26. What was the best book you read?

Hmm. New books, not rereads? The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman. And The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by NK Jemisin. And a lot of fantastic fanfiction.

27. What was your greatest musical discovery?

Gone With The Sin, Ulv Raev Hare and Randy Dandy O.

28. What did you want and get?

The Ocean at the End of the Lane, a chance to see Rome and Florence and the Black Forest, some Marvel comics, a costume party, various food dishes, a boost in self-esteem... lots of things.

29. What did you want and not get?

The new Sandman comic, and Raising Steam. I will get them soon, I still have a book voucher from my birthday!

30. What was your favorite film of this year?

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. I also really liked Thor: The Dark World and Star Trek: Into Darkness.

31. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?

I was 21. I had an amazing historical-themed costume party at a chalet, with friends and family, and there was a barbecue (with lots of vegetarian food for me; the whole thing was jointly organised/paid for by my dad and uncle) and a fantastic Harry Potter cake from my sister, and in general it was such a wonderful night.

32. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?

My brother moving out, my academic results being better, or getting a job.

33. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2013?

Medieval. XD

34. What kept you sane?

My friends (especially Bird and Myst), the SCA and fanfiction.

35. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?

Richard Armitage, oh my goodness. *sighs and fans self* Also Tom Hiddleston and Chris Evans.

35. What was your favorite video game of the year?

I don't play any.

36. Who has made the most cameos in your dreams this year?

Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, and the dwarves of Erebor (plus Bilbo and Gandalf). <_<

37. Who did you miss?

Various friends. Also, I miss my Singapore family and friends while in Perth and I miss my Perth friends while in Singapore.

38. Who was the best new person you met?

I met the Perth Discworld fan club, the Perth Drummers, and made some lovely friends there: notably Damien, Krystel and Danielle. And my classmate Chloe.

39. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2013:

Never bite off more than I can chew, and plan my time better.

40. Quote a song lyric that sums up your year:

Can't think of any.

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While explaining some stuff about Anubis to a friend, I dredged up an article I'd written in my first semester at uni (early 2012) for a Science Communications assignment, where you had to explain some sort of scientific process clearly and simply for a target audience who knew nothing of your subject. As the lone ancient history student in a class full of science majors (it was a broadening unit for me), I decided to write about the mummification process. And upon rereading it just now I decided I was actually pretty proud of it, so I'm posting it here.

Remember, it was a uni assignment (I had to deal with word limits and stuff) and written over a year ago, so if you think anything needs to be changed or dislike any part of it, or want more information, please let me know. XD

The Mummy: The Prequel




Dawson, W.R. (1927). Making a Mummy. The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology, 13 (1), 40-49.

Hamlyn, P. (1965) Egyptian Mythology London: Westbrook House

University College London (2000) Digital Egypt for Universities

Retrieved from:

Wallis Budge, E.A. (1895) ed. Baldock J. (2011) The Egyptian Book of the Dead London: Arcturus Publishing.

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Well, it was weird for me. Random rambling about having come a long way since secondary school.


Mostly, I sort of wish I could reach out to my younger self and say, "Hey, it gets better. You'll have a few awesome friends and your dream of studying in London won't come true yet but Perth is going to be so much more awesome then you think, you'll make lots of friends and learn to swordfight and study everything you love and you're going to be confident and happy, if a little stressed from schoolwork. Don't let this get you too depressed. I promise it's going to get better."

But then I guess those experiences shaped me, and I've grown to like who I am, so as tough as they were I wouldn't trade them. And if anybody reading this is having a tough time: it gets better. And you are awesome. ♥


Nov. 24th, 2012 08:14 pm
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It's been such an exhausting couple of weeks. I should really be continuing my cleaning right now but I just can't bring myself to get up. I've had exams (Greco-Roman history, English Lit, German and Latin) and terrible insomnia this week, and the week before I was depressed about missing Deepavali (Hindu Festival of Lights, the biggest Hindu festival of the year) and then my grandfather died so the Deepavali party at home was cancelled anyway and I had to miss the funeral instead.

I should get some cheese to go with all this whine )

  And I've successfully procrastinated thus far but it's 9.55pm and my sister's flight is landing around 1am, so I really need to eat something and finish cleaning my room and move stuff around and move the spare mattress in so she'll have a place to sleep. I'm gonna show her around Perth and then we'll fly home together on the 30th of November. :D


Okay, so back when I returned from Pencampwr at the beginning of June I meant to put up photos of my awesome medieval weekend and I never did. And then I had exams and flew home and there was a lot of crazy cleaning and organisation because my sister was getting engaged and when Indians get married or even engaged it is crazy. And I had a 12-hour Special Extended Edition movie marathon of The Lord of the Rings with friends.And I had to attend a wedding in Malaysia on my birthday and rather disliked it, but felt much better the next day when back in Singapore and cutting cake and eating durian with my family. And then WE WENT TO THE HARRY POTTER EXHIBITION AND IT WAS AMAZING AND I SPENT SO MUCH BUT IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT. And I went out with friends and was given more cake and had to pack in a huge hurry and now I'm back in Perth.

And basically I meant to put up photos of all of these things but everytime I switched on the laptop I was always distracted because ever since I saw the Avengers movie all those months ago my mind has been EATEN by Avengers fanfic, especially Steve/Tony. I've read hundreds of Steve/Tony and Avengers fanfics obsessively and have pretty much exhausted Archive Of Our Own and am trawling LJ and Tumblr for more. <_< And now I'm tentatively poking my head out again and peeking at all my other fandoms that I neglected and catching up on my f-list.

Hence the long absence, for which I apologise. Though it also had to do with the fact that half the time I was also exhausted from cleaning or spending all day out with my family/friends and had no energy to do much besides flop into bed and read smut.

I will be spamming you with overdue photo posts, fair warning, but first: my grades for the first semester were released on July 16th.

Ignore the three UPs, they were for compulsory online modules on academic conduct, Aboriginal culture and basic communication/research skills and I actually got more than 80 marks in each, but you just need to pass them and so they're listed as Ungraded Passes. But oh my god, the others.

I got Distinctions in Discoveries in Archaeology, German Studies 1 and Introduction to Scientific Practices (Science Communications), and a High Distinction in Myths of the Greeks and Romans. It was past 2am when I first saw this and it took me a few moments of squinting blearily at the screen to realise what I was looking at, and then I wanted to jump off the bed and go and tell everyone, but everyone was asleep. D:

I would have hated myself if I'd gotten anything less than a Distinction in Greek mythology, but hadn't been expecting a HD. And I honestly have no idea where the Distinction in Science Comm came from, since I did slack a bit in that class and got Bs for most of my assignments and hadn't thought my performance in the final assignment was spectacular. o_O

And now that the initial glow has worn off I'm panicking over whether I can maintain this sort of grade as everything gets harder. D: Semester 2 starts next Monday and I'm really looking forward to it - I'm continuing German and also taking Latin 1, a unit called Glory and Grandeur that's classical Greek and Roman history, and an English unit called Journeys: Texts Across Place and Time (which is for my Medieval and Early Modern Studies major; I'm double-majoring in that and Classics and Ancient History). I can't wait to start all these courses - god, I've wanted to learn Latin since I was a child - but am also worried.

Also, I landed in Perth after midnight on the 21st but still haven't really unpacked. <_< ... I should get on that. BUT FANFICTION.

I'm also considering signing up for this:

I haven't written much this year and haven't posted anything (role-play aside) and have zero ideas for a GO Big Bang, but hopefully that will change soon.


Jun. 21st, 2012 12:30 am
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It's 12.30AM on the 21st of June and I should be going to bed soon (technically I AM sitting in bed...), since I have a flight at 3.55pm to return to Singapore.

It's weird. I've been in Australia for only five months, and only four on my own (my parents stayed here until the end of February) but it feels like so much longer. There've been clubs (especially the medieval club, the queer department and the sci fi/fantasy club) and making friends and lectures and tutorials and projects and assignments and learning to live on my own and university life in general and it's just been so full. It feels like months and months.

I've loved it, though. I love my university, and learning things and the lessons and the library and clubrooms and I really love SCA, the medieval club. I've fought in my first rapier tournament (and was told that I was bloody fast; I lost miserably of course, as it was my first tournament and I've only been fighting for a few months, but held my own for a while against experienced fighters and they think I have skill, I just need more practice) and been to camps and slept in tents (I've been on tons of Astronomy camps but on those occasions the tents are there to hold our stuff and nobody actually SLEEPS much because we'd all rather stargaze and occasionally doze in folding chairs next to telescopes) and am training in sword-and-shield combat and danced and shot arrows at people and gotten an award and tried alcohol (I dislike wine, I love cider and mead) and stuff. Basically SCA = awesome. I'm apparently making friends with people in the local and university gay community, too. I Skype my family at least once a week. I did fairly well on most tests and assignments and the midterms, though I am really nervous about the end-of-semester exams we just had.

On Monday, after my last exam, I went out to dinner (delicious Vietnamese) with this lesbian couple I'm good friends with, Suzie and Sam, and their friend Emilie, and then we went to Sam's place and watched queer movies (my mind has been blown, I had no idea the genre existed), and Sam lives in an area that might not be fully safe at that time of night (10pm) and plus the buses don't run late, so they felt it was safer for me and Emilie to stay the night and I crashed on her couch. That's actually the first time I've slept at a friend's house when it wasn't a huge preplanned birthday sleepover. XD And this would never have happened in Singapore, mostly because I wouldn't have been allowed to stay out so late anyway (my sister is 26 and when she's out late my parents still call her and I text her) and also because a) the public transport system in Singapore, I have to say, is MUCH better; the one here is near useless late at night and on Sundays and b) Singapore is much safer; several times last year I only got home from work at midnight and I walked the dark streets with perfect confidence. Admittedly I didn't live in a 'dangerous' or red light district though, in either Singapore or Australia; Northbridge, where Sam lives, is generally safe enough in the day but we're told to avoid it at night.

I have a Facebook folder full of photos of my new place and new dishes I try and random things that I will copy here one of these days; carrying bags full of groceries back home via bus and pavements sucks, and I don't think anybody likes laundry and cleaning and washing up (also it's RAINING EVERY DAY since it's winter and my laundry hasn't dried in a week or more), but otherwise I love living on my own and buying groceries and experimenting cooking and just generally being mostly independent. I will however feel better when I have a job; hopefully next semester I will find one.

And over the past couple of days I have just not felt like packing, even though normally I enjoy it, and had to force myself. I'll be home for a month, which includes my 20th birthday and my sister's engagement ceremony (she's planning that and her wedding and everything around my holidays). And even though I really miss my friends and family and am definitely looking forward to seeing them again, I'm weirdly reluctant to leave. I'm going to miss my friends here, and I'm sad that I won't be able to attend the holiday SCA training sessions that will be held at people's houses instead of the field at uni. I'm also going to miss the relative freedom and independence I have here, though my family seems to be accepting that I'm not a baby and hopefully will not smother me when I return. (I love them a lot, especially my dad and sister, but sometimes I need space and they tend to not get that.) I just... it's hard to explain. I do miss them and want to see them again, but I'm not quite as enthusiastic as expected. Or maybe I'm just tired; I haven't been sleeping well and just had exams, which stressed me out a lot, and then socialising and basically I haven't had much time to unwind before having to pack and prepare to go home.

A couple of weeks ago I texted my sister something about being relieved to come home after a long day, by which I meant my [rented] house in Australia, and her reply sounded rather annoyed and she said she'd thought Singapore was my home, and I don't think she was too mollified by my explanation that I did feel like I had two homes now. (In the most general sense of the term 'home'; when back in Singapore I consider my paternal uncle's and grandma's house a second home in addition to the house I live in with my immediate family, but right now I'm thinking of all of it smushed up into one big concept of home.)

... I'm not sure what my point is, except that I loved my first semester at uni and away from home and family, and I'm looking forward to going back but wasn't as homesick as everyone thought I would be. Then again, everyone at home appeared to be coming up with worst-case scenarios because apparently nobody had faith in my ability to live on my own after nineteen years of being coddled. And now it's WAY past 1AM and I really should sleep, I'll have lots of cleaning and putting things in order and last-minute packing of toiletries to do tomorrow before leaving for the airport. Also this is the first time I will be on a flight without my parents around and I am notoriously absent-minded and have a terrible sense of direction, so here's to hoping I don't board the wrong plane and end up in Timbuktu!

^ I did make and print out this collage and stick it on my bedroom wall. Clockwise from top left corner, photos separated by commas: Myst/[personal profile] glacialphoenix + Alvie + Gena + myself (in red), Rusty the late Golden Retriever, me + my brother + my sister about nine years ago, my paternal uncle and his the family cat + Mum + sister + me + Dad + paternal grandmother, and myself + Lakshmi.

ALSO, my housemate (the one I'm very good friends with, anyway; I live with three people) gave me an early birthday gift: Anton LaVey's The Satanic Bible! :D I've wanted a copy for ages. It's now in my carry-on luggage alongside The Egyptian Book of the Dead, A Dictionary of Angels (including the fallen ones) and The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories. I'm not leaving a country for any prolonged period of time without those first two books.

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I had an Archaeology exam from 10am to 10.40am today, then nothing else until SCA training at 4pm. All I wanted was to sit in the cheerful and friendly Queer Department clubroom with my laptop and take a break. So I went up to the clubroom and found the door locked. I got out my laptop and went to the FB page to ask if anyone with the key was in school. The general response: Go to the Christian Union room, climb out into the balcony, break into QD via balcony.

I had on occasion seen other QD people do that for fun, but hadn't thought I'd have to do it. XD So I went down to the Christian Union room and was met by a nice but confused guy who kindly opened their window for me and watched me awkwardly clamber out with all my bags (in addition to my backpack and the strapped-together laptop and files in my arms, I was carrying two huge extra bags with fabric and sewing stuff since I'm working on a new thick cloak). And there was SO MUCH JUNK on the balcony, overturned boxes and discarded sofas and tables and things that completely blocked the way. I had to climb ON the leaky faded brown sofa, which was so soft that I had to walk on its edge, and hop over the armrest and into a large purple table. I finally made it down the balcony to the QD (these rooms are in a single row at opposite ends of a long corridor, and are connected by the long balcony outside) and forced the balcony door open (it was jammed shut by a sofa inside the room) and climbed in, hop-skipping over the sofa in the process. Dropped everything with relief, switched on the lights, and unlocked the door.

Best part? I was wearing a black trenchcoat today. So if anyone in the Guild Village square (which this part of the building faces) had looked up at the balcony, they would have seen a figure in a trenchcoat carrying bulging bags and climbing out windows and over things on a balcony and breaking into another room. It's been a couple of hours and the police haven't shown up, though. XD

And about fifteen minutes after I broke in, the guy with the key showed up. XD

For the record, Peter's comment was posted after I'd shut the laptop and gone to the Christian Union room. XD

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[20:32] Me: Out of curiosity. Sex... ... der Sex. Male.
[20:32] [personal profile] glacialphoenix /Myst: Huh?
[20:32] Me: Nouns have genders in German
[20:33] Me: Der shows it's male
[20:33] Myst: Ah.
[20:33] Me: Sex in German is male
[20:33] Myst: ...well, that was to be expected? XD
[20:33] Me: XD
[20:33] Myst: I keep thinking of Nanny Ogg
[20:33] Myst: "Names have sex in foreign parts."
[20:33] Me: LMAO
[20:33] Me: Thank you, now I will never complain about the genders again.

^ Gytha 'Nanny' Ogg.

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I kind of want to quote the conversation about Easter that Wednesday and Eostre have in American Gods, but sadly I did not bring my copy with me. Also, I had an absolutely delicious hollow Cadbury's Easter Egg today. :9

  For the Myths of the Greeks and Romans unit I'm taking for Classics and Ancient History, we've got to do this digital project thingy, so two friends and I are filming the Greek myth of Hades and Persephone. I'm playing Hades, and also filling in for small roles like Hermes since my face can't really be seen as Hades; since we can't pull off the blue-flame-hairdo like in Disney's Hercules, I just wear black clothes and my black cloak and pull the hood down so it mostly covers my face. Anyway, last Thursday we were about to start filming a few more scenes and were discussing how they should go when 'Persephone' commented that I looked like Darth Vader. We promptly filmed this for the blooper reel. :D

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where Roobi freaks out )

Also, it's January 30th, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILY EVANS-POTTER! ♥

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Quick summary: On January 31st I will be flying to Perth since my university term commences in February. I will be studying Classics and Ancient History at the University of Western Australia. My beloved hamster has cancer. ;_; I've got a persistent sore throat and PCOS. My sister is engaged, and I am so happy for her. ♥

In 2012, sirius_luva resolves to...
Go to magic every Sunday.
Spend less time on gabriel.
Drink four glasses of apocalypse every day.
Find a new yoga.
Cut down to ten norse sagas a day.
Lose ten vikings by March.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

I wanted to spend MORE time writing Gabriel! XD He was sadly neglected in 2011. And I'm not sure Apocalypses are vegetarian. XD Magic on Sundays works, I guess, maybe I should cleanse my crystals then. I like the yoga I do now, thank you very much. XP Man, I'd love to be able to read ten sagas a day in the first place. And I don't have ten Vikings to lose, sadly, though my doctor says I need to lose about seven kg. D:
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I was typing an e-mail to [ profile] halosphere and in it I was talking about two wonderful friends I grew close to in junior college. While typing it, it occurred to me that I should share just how much they mean to me. Here's the excerpt from the e-mail:

I'm not used to having friends be there for me either; partly I'm rarely close enough to anyone, and partly like Gabriel I didn't like having people witness my weakness or tears, so I'd wait til I was alone to break down. I generally provided the shoulder for others to lean on but didn't like leaning on their shoulders - which would have been awkward anyway, I'm bigger than most of my friends and have broader shoulders. XD But two good friends I made in junior college, Gena and Alvina (who prefers being called Alvie) noticed little things I wasn't even aware of until they pointed them out, like how stiff I got if someone got physically close to me, how stiff and tense I generally was anyway (though Alvie is GREAT at back massages and can reduce me to a happy boneless lump), how sometimes I looked like I was lonely and in need of a hug (Me: How do I look like I need a hug? o_O Gena: I don't know. Sometimes you just look... sad.) and how I kept my problems to myself and seemed so uncomfortable around others.

I explained I wasn't used to having such friends, or even people who wanted to be around me, and Alvie told me, "Well, get used to it."

So I slowly got used to it. They're both very nice to cuddle anyway XD so physically and emotionally I was very comfortable around them. I shared my problems with them and listened to theirs, we had lots of insane fun times, and we all got one another through the A Levels.

Anecdotes! )

The A Levels were horribly stressful and I broke down a number of times and kept questioning myself, but moments like that, as well as phone conversations and the occasional FB rant during study breaks, really helped keep me going. [ profile] eidolon_bird , [ profile] sunflower_mynah , [ profile] steadfast , [ profile] _silverfox, [ profile] rickyzehrer , [ profile] halosphere , [ profile] minselding , Priyanka, and others like my wonderful big sister helped so much too, and I owe you guys so much. <3

I should be going out with Gena and Alvie next Tuesday, if all goes well, and I'm really looking forward to it. I mean, I spent so much time with them last year and now it's been weeks; I miss them. :( *stares at the calendar, willing it to go faster*
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So, uh, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.

Randomly: I seem to have become nocturnal. I stay up until it's almost sunrise, which is about 6.30 to 7AM, then I go to bed and sleep til 2pm. No, my bed isn't a coffin, why do you ask?

I spent the last month in Egypt and Dubai and had an absolutely AMAZING time. I have loved Egypt since I was about 4 or 5 and I actually got to see and touch the pyramids of Giza and Saqqara and enter the temples of Abu Simbel, Kom Ombo, Karnak and Luxor and the tombs in the Valley of the Kings, and sail on the Nile. *__*

I promise I'll put up my travel journal and photos... soon. Right now, though, I am worrying about the future.

I did my A Levels earlier this year and am waiting for my results, which will be out in March. I need these results to get into university. And I really, really want to do Egyptology. Obviously I can't do this in Singapore; the damn National University of Singapore (NUS) doesn't even offer Ancient History, for Someone's sake. Archaeological discoveries are covered up again here. Anyway, ever since I was a child I wanted to study archaeology in England. For quite a while, I thought I'd be doing Egyptology at the University of Liverpool. I liked the modules offered, they have the largest Egyptology department in the UK, a cool in-house museum, etcetera etcetera. It was also 10 500 pounds per year, though there was a Regional Award for international students - as long as you met the criteria to get in, you got 1000 pounds.

So yes, long story short, it would be too expensive. So Dad said no. He wants me to be stuck in a boring Arts degree here - English Lit or Journalism or something.

I really, really want to do this, so I talked with my sister, and for a while our plan was for me to go ahead and apply anyway and then apply for a student loan. Except... well, your job opportunities are restricted, and for one to actually be an Egyptologist you'd need a PhD. A BA (Hons) isn't going to cut it. So we thought about my doing my undergrad here in Singapore, getting my BA, and then going overseas to get a Master's in Egyptology. Liverpool requires that you have obtained a degree in something relevant. So we (my brother, sister and I) were discussing this and alternative routes last night until it was this morning.

  Talking things out with [ profile] sunflower_mynah  resulted in my pondering a double major in ELit and History, which I wasn't that happy about because I bloody hated the Modern History that I had had to do in junior college, and while I love books, doing ELit in uni wasn't something that particularly called to me. But it might at least qualify as 'relevant' because of the history and lit tagline, even though modern history has as much relevance to Ancient Egypt as Fareed Zakaria (no offence meant to him, I like his Newsweek articles) has to whoever wrote Beowulf. Broadly speaking they're both the printed word, but content-wise...

  Also, I was pretty damn touched when my brother said he'd actually be willing to pay for my living expenses in Liverpool, so we'd just have to worry about tuition fees and books and things.

  So at about 5AM my brother went to look more things up on the computer in his room and my sister and I went to bed. Some time later my brother came to get me (I couldn't sleep anyway) and I went to his room and we discussed my doing European Studies here at NUS first, getting a BA (Hons) in that, and using that to go for my MA in Egyptology later. It would also broaden my options because the course would include learning French and/or German, which means that for postgraduate studies I needn't be restricted to the UK. (German universities would cost me less than a tenth of UK fees, but I would need to know German) Plus a knowledge of either French or German or both is needed for Egyptology, as half of the journals are in one of those two languages. And proficiency in those languages also broadens career options, apparently.

  I can't say that I think I'll enjoy it, because while I like languages, there'll be other modules involving politics and financial things and so on, but the fact is I would actually rather do this than History. I love ancient history, not modern history - that just makes me want to smack a lot of people. And it's going to delay my dream by a few years. Still, if it all works out, it'll be worth it.

  So... The Plan has undergone quite a few changes, but for now it seems to be: do a BA in European Studies here for now, and then try for my MA in Egyptology. Mmf. It's going to take a while, but Egypt, here I come.

Oh, and one more thing: Screw you, Singapore 'education' system. There are more important things than money and Maths and the Sciences.
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Sing this song to the tune of Voltaire's Ex-Lover's Lovers. (A word of warning: some of you may find the song a bit morbid, but the music is gorgeous.)

Three heavy stones will keep it from floating,
weigh it down to the bottom, food for the fishes.
And I know that it won't be discovered
'cause I will be careful, so very careful.
What if it doesn't rain for days and the river is
reduced to its muddy bed?
With the files exposed I would work in haste
and I might bury the books in a shallow grave.
And the rain comes and moves rocks and the stones
washes away all the dirt and the mudflows
Bones are exposed and well.
you know how that goes!

I wait for the day when I'll finally defile
the remnants of my A Level papers.
I'll pile high to the sky
the files and notes from my A Level year
Burn burn burn burn burn burn
burn burn burn burn burn burn burn
watch them burn. (x2)

Dear A Level Papers. You look so happy.
All of that can change, cause I am so stressed
and I have lots of time to send you straight
to the Devil. I'm taking my time
to plan your demise.
What if I were to cut you up and mail each part
to a different town? It would take the most
brilliant professor the rest of his life
just to put you together,

a piece in each mailbox all over the planet
from Moscow to Tokyo to Guadalajara.

I wait for the day when I'll finally defile
the remnants of my A Level papers.
I'll pile high to the sky
the books and notes from my A Level year
I wait for the day when I'll finally destroy
the remnants of my A Level papers.
I'll pile high to the sky
the books and notes from my A Level year
Burn burn burn burn burn burn
burn burn burn burn burn burn burn
watch them burn. (x2)

Dear A Level Papers. You look so happy.

That will never change cause I know MOE
too well. I need the A Levels
to carry out my dreams
And only then will I see them
Gone gone gone gone gone gone
gone gone gone gone gone gone gone

See them gone. (x4)  

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Today, we finally stepped down as librarians. (Or Drummers - the school library is shaped like a drum and so is called The Drum, so the library club is also called The Drum and we librarians are called Drummers)

Our juniors threw us a fantastic farewell party, and it made me feel guilty because we weren't nearly as lavish when we threw the farewell party for our seniors last year. We bought them pizza and a cake, and we made them bookmarks - we made this design on the computer by putting an old Irish blessing on a pretty scene, printed them out so they were the size of a small card, stuck them on coloured paper and wrote their names on the back in gold marker. And there were extra, so we took some too.

Today, our juniors had not only ordered us pizza - with potato wedges - , we also had Ruffles potato crisps and Doritos nachos, dried codfish strips, lots of drinks like green tea and various fruit teas, and a DELICIOUS Black Forest cake. Ms Agnes Soh, one of the library club teachers, also brought us divine durian puffs, curry puffs, satay and otak.

^ Pizza, potato wedges and CAKE.

^ This is Laura - or it might have been her twin Clara, but I'm quite sure it was Laura - chewing on the codfish.

^ Ru Ying, chewing on dried codfish strips. xD

And I mentioned the bookmarks we did for our seniors. I wasn't expecting anything beyond the food, which was already so much more than what we'd been expecting. xD So I was sitting there, happily nomming on durian puffs and crisps, and Corrine, one of the J1s, came and handed me a card and a badge. A personalised badge. I was so shocked.

^ A bigger version, so you can read the lovely messages, can be found here.

^ Aaaand the lovely badge. That's our Drum symbol - usually the text on the white field says 'THE DRUM' and there's nothing on the black field. I love it!

And then Bella, Ru Ying, Michelle, Pei Yee, Laura and I were playing Truth or Dare, and later Nigel joined us, and we had an awesome time. :D

One of the Truth questions I got: If you could be anyone - someone you know, a celebrity - who would you be and what would you do?

My answer: Hmm. *smirk* Johnny Depp! I'd be Johnny Depp, and I'd take a nice loooong shower. ;)

As the Vice-President, I had a lot of paperwork to do, which was annoying. But we did a lot of fun stuff too, and I will cherish those memories.



Mar. 12th, 2010 09:24 pm
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Back in secondary school in 2008, I was having trouble in my O Level (Ordinary Levels) year. I wasn't motivated enough, or something. I was struggling and could barely keep up in Maths and Science. And I was often too lazy to really focus in Social Studies, though I managed English, Tamil, English Lit and Geography well. The stream of F9s for Maths and Science prompted various close family members and family friends to talk to me.

One motivation I was given by Vatchala, a dear friend, and which was repeated by quite a few others, was something like, "Just work really hard for a few months, and then it'll all be over. O Levels are really important but you can do it, and then after that you can relax. You can really slack and enjoy life in JC [junior college]. The A Levels aren't as hard. The worse will be over soon, so work on your Maths and Science!" I remember it very clearly. It worked. I looked forward to relaxing after the O Levels, and worked really hard.

I am now in Year 2 at Nanyang Junior College, in my A Level (Advanced Level) year. I am stressed, overworked, sleep-deprived, scared, have a whole bunch of stuff to do, and did I mention stressed?

Yes, the A Levels aren't nearly as hard as O Levels. THEY'RE A MILLION TIMES HARDER.


Next week, we have the March holidays, a week-long "holiday" between Term 1 and Term 2. Between the Mount Everest-sized sheer amount of homework and holiday reading, the amount of stuff I'll have to do for both my CCAs (DAMN YOU, INDIAN CULTURAL SOCIETY THAT FORCED ME TO JOIN. AND DAMN YOU, PRESIDENT OF THE LIBRARY CLUB, FOR BEING A BACKSTABBING [censored]) which will mean I'll have to spend most of next week in school, and the three tests (English Literature, History - on the entire syllabus, too - and Chemistry) on the first day of term, I'll likely be doing more things next week than in two normal weeks of school term. Holiday? What holiday?

And here I was hoping I could actually read a book in peace. And write stuff I've had planned for ages. And SLEEP. Dream on, me.

Also, a huge thank you to [ profile] steadfast and [ profile] starspiritgate  for keeping me sane via AIM/MSN, and [ profile] eidolon_bird  and [ profile] maleficial  for keeping me sane via Facebook. <3 And to all the lovely people of [ profile] lt_safe_house /[ profile] mad_prophecies . *snuggleglomp* And of course to my wonderful big sister.

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... especially when I LOVE English Lit but find History boring at best. I love ancient history. I find the World Wars interesting. I even like the stuff in-between the Celts and WWI, when it comes to European history.  I do not find studying the Cold War in mind-numbing detail interesting.

Anyway. Yesterday I was writing an essay on the Cold War, and I was tired and half-conscious, and I had to keep reminding myself that it was POST-REVISIONIST and not POST-MODERN. Everything went fine until I was writing the conclusion. I looked down and saw I'd written that I found the post-modernist view of the origins of the Cold War the most convincing. See, Sylvia Plath's argument has a lot more evidence than Carol Ann Duffy, though Ted Hughes does bring up some good points too. ;)
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We were doing some last-minute revision before the Chemistry paper and Gena, aka Birdie, realised that her calculator wasn't working. Hence the 8O expression. xD It worked after a few minutes, but I must say Alvina, the photographer, has impeccable timing. *smirk*
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I dunno if I mentioned - for History, my group has to do an opera. Yes, the girl who can't carry a tune in a bucket despite ten years of Music lessons is going to sing in an opera.  <_< We chose the Korean War, and have a script and various songs. The first scene features me and Li Wei as Communist North Korean soldiers, and we sing an edited form (I changed the song lyrics, an example would be 
We are the champions, comrades, instead of We are the champions, my friends) of Queen's We Are the Champions. And of course, my inner Good Omens fangirl was squeeing madly at that development and even now, I'm hugely amused.

Anyway, what's a theatrical production without props? So my group (Gena, Eunice, Deanna, Li Wei and Yuan Jun) and I decided to meet today. Yuan Jun has been out of it for a couple of days and wasn't responding to calls, however, so Gena, Eunice, Li Wei and I met for breakfast this morning at McDonald's. I had
delicious Hotcakes, a hash brown and a cup of hot chocolate. Then we went to meet Deanna and took a bus to her home.

For the play, we needed five flags - those of the USSR, the USA, China, North Korea and South Korea. Gena and Eunice had bought cloth, and Gena had brought paints, and Deanna had quite a few as well. Still, it wasn't enough, and Deanna's mother had to buy us more yellow, red and blue paints.

The first flag we painted was that of South Korea - Gena and Eunice worked on that, while Deanna and I started work on the Soviet Union's flag. As the painting of the SK flag neared completion, we were truly shocked by how real it seemed. Like we'd gone and bought the flag instead of making it ourselves.

^ Deanna touching up the South Korean flag as Gena looks on.


We all switched flags, so you can see that full North Korean flag that Eunice is holding up.

And we did have other props. like the cardboard flowers and the gorgeous tombstone. Deanna drew it and I was apparently the only one who can cut through extremely stiff cardboard properly, so I cut it out, and we all contributed info and suggestions to come up with this masterpiece. Did I call the flags our magnum opus? That title should belong to Deanna's mind-blowing tombstone ( as in, the one she drew and coloured on the black cardboard as a prop *touches wood*).

Everyone in our group (except the absent Yuan Jun) holding a flag. Li Wei holds the China flag, Deanna holds the American flag, Gena is holding the partially obscured North Korean flag, I am holding the Soviet Union flag, and Eunice on the floor is holding the South Korean flag.

^ TA-DAAH! All our completed flags! North Korea, Chine, America, South Korea and the Soviet Union. Aren't they stunningly realistic? Behold our magnum opus!

^ The completed North Korean flag! We'd all chipped in to colour the white bit with crayons and oil pastels, taking a break from paint.

^ Deanna's adorable little sister Reiko is watching as we near the completion of the North Korean flag. Deanna drew the circle with the star, btw; Eunice and Gena had done the China flag, which you shall see later, and the stars looked rather wonky and reminded us of Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants. *shudder* Only Deanna's skills managed to salvage it.

^ Me proudly holding up the Soviet Union flag after I'd finished it. XDDD

^ The USA and USSR flags, as we were putting the finishing touches to them; the fact that the flags of these two enemies of the Cold War are side by side is no accident. XP We'd had to wait to touch up the USSR flag since we ran out of yellow paint. :P I drew the hammer on the Soviet flag, btw, and Deanna neatened it and drew the sickle and star, and I painted the star and we both did the hammer and sickle. Yes, I know I'm rambling, but I can't get over how real it looks. :D

^ Deanna is putting the finishing touches to the American flag, which took forever since we had to wait for Deanna's mother to buy more red paint after we'd done two stripes; plus, she'd painstakingly drawn each star according to the exacrt number and pattern on the actual flag, and she and Gena had painted around them. With three of us - Gena, Deanna and me - doing the stripes once we had the paint, however, it wasn't long before we were done.

^ One of the props we needed was a baby, belonging to Deanna's character. I had a baby puppet (you stick your hand up the back so his head and hands move; it can be sweet, but can also be creepy, and I had great fun scaring people on Thursday when I brought it to school). Eunice is playing with it; here, she looks like she's holding a real baby, and is all sweet, but in actualilty she was making the baby spasm like it was possessed.

^ Eunice is holding the completed flag and Deanna is sitting on the floor.

^ See? It looks astonishingly like the real thing, doesn't it?

^ Seriously, doesn't the flag look stunning?

^ Gena being high as Li Wei makes changes to the script in the background.


 Admit it, that's the most stunning tombstone you've ever seen in your existence! XP How Deanna manages to achieve things like that swirly eerie ephemereal vine-pattern thing around each letter, and the way the vines creep around the letters, and the way the grass seems to be growing around the letters, is beyond me.

Off to role-play some more, and perhaps post a depressing oneshot of mine, that i wrote over the past week, at lower_tadfield, if I have the time and energy - it's already eleven at night, and I'm TIRED. I set an alarm for 6.15 AM this morning but my sister's 5.45 alarm woke me up, and I ended up arriving at the meeting place an hour early. I wandered around observing the local wildlife (read: pigeons and a few other birds pecking at the grass by the side of a canal) and managed to write another drabble for the 
Good Omens role-play's Easter challenge. I'll post the completed set sometime around Easter Monday; I still have a few criteria to fulfil and some interesting ideas. :D *evil laughter* I'm already messing dreadfully with the characters for the drabbles.

I'm too tired to post
Fool's Lies at Lower Tadfield. I'm gonna check up on the role-play and stuff, then climb into bed and, hopefully, enter the realm of Morpheus. It's been a while since I actually was in the Dreaming itself. (if this seems confusing, follow the 'sandman' tag to see my post on the Sandman and his realm)

~ Sivaroobini


EDIT2: *swears* NOW THE PHOTOS ARE ALL MESSED UP AND OUT OF ORDER. I'm extremely bloody tired and am NOT in the mood to struggle with LiveJournal right now. I tried switching to HTML format, but my eyes are not in a state to manually pick out errors in the lines of HTML text. One day when I have some time and patience I will come back and edit this damn thing. For now, the only reason I'm still trying to post it tonight is because my group members wanted the photos. And the only reason I'm not crushing the Acer into pulp is cos I can't afford a new one.


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Happy [VERY BELATED] Valentine's Day, everybody! (Also, last week was Friday the 13th. XDDD)

I have spent more than two full weeks at Nanyang Junior College. I'm really liking it so far; then again, we've only had Orientations so far, with one full day of actual lessons yesterday and two lessons so far today. My subject combination is H2 English Literature, H2 Tamil Literature, H2 History and H1 Chemistry. WOOT NO MATHS!!! NO MATHEMATICS FOR TWO GLORIOUS YEARS!!!! XDDD

The first week, we had an Academic orientation, with introductory lectures and stuff. The Chemistry teacher goes so fast; all I can do is take down notes, I save trying to read and understand them for later. Thankfully we have loads of breaks and stuff. XP Literature seems fun. I didn't take O Levels history, so I'm kind of scared about taking History now; there'll be a bunch of stuff to remember and loads of essays to write after two years of the closest thing to reading history being Good Omens historical fanfiction and some Edward Rutherfurd historical fiction. Also, I'm not that fluent in Tamil or good at Tamil essays, and I haven't actually read Tamil books in years. Now I have to analyse Tamil novels and poetry and plays. :(

The Orientation in the second week, though, was so much fun! The theme was Madagascar: We Like To Move It!, and there were four colours and Houses, Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman. I was in green Gloria (and I was hoping so much for red Alex, to have red as my House colour and a lion as my symbol). And I was in 0937, which happens to be the last class (look how much the Arts stream is respected *eye roll*)

So on Monday, we had stuff like a whole bunch of games and practising for our Mass Dance. We had to learn the steps to that prom song and dance from High School Musical. Now, I don't dance, so I was feeling pretty proud of myself when I could remeber at least half the chorus steps and a few others after two hours of practice. XP

On the second day, we went to Sentosa Island! We had pizza for lunch, and learnt some more cheers, and played a bunch of games and went walking a lot. The following five photos were taken on my handphone.

Gorgeous view, isn't it? And one of the games (we played a lot, and we all got sunburnt) involved us forming pairs to transport an object, a small ball or plate or cup, without using our hands, so we had to walk at the same pace with the object help in place by our forearms pressed together or something. Once everything in the pail had been brought to the other side of the short walk, we had to form a picture with them. The other two groups formed stufff like their team name or a heart shape; we got creative and made that awesome coconut tree. XD

And then this huge peacock turned up, God knows where from, and walked about, giving us all a huge shock. Honestly, it was absolutely huge. We all took photos and videos and I fed it some bread before the councillors ushered us away and some other tourists held out food, so it went towards them.

The third day, Wednesday was much like the first. We did Mass Dance again, practising the High School Musical prom dance again, and we also learnt the NYJC Traditional Dance. I love that one! I can now do a few waltz steps, and that spinning out and twirling thing! XD And there were loads of other cool steps too, but my favourite bit was, as I said, the steps taken from the waltz. By the end of another two-hour dance practice I had memorised, almost fully, both the High School Musical prom dance and the NYJC Traditional Dance. XDDD

After lunch, we had the CCA Bazaar. Unfortunately, it's compulsory for all Indians to be in the Indian Cultural Society. Personally, I feel that this is so unfair. Sure, there are few few Indians and it's a way of ensuring the survival of the CCA. But they should at least give us the option of choosing not to have it as a CCA if we have another CCA in mind. I was torn between the Photographic Society and the Library Club, and I eventuallydecided to join the Library Club as a second CCA. Still, since the ICS is a first CCA it gets priority. <_<

I mean, I don't mind helping out, like doing henna or decorations. Like, during the CCA Bazaar, I sat at the ICS Booth and did henna designs for people. One guy even wrote the Chinese characters forming the name of his crush on paper so I could copy them onto his hand and add a heart shape (how sweet is that?). I also did a bunch of other, mainly botanical, designs for people. And for my own hand, I drew the famous Egyptian amulet, the Eye of Horus, on the back of my left hand, and on the back of my thumb I also added 'Roobi' in hieroglyphics. The whole thing looks gorgeous. XP

Oh yes, I forgot, between lunch and the CCA Bazaar we had a Valentine's Day Poetry Reading in the Library. People like the Principal, the HOD for English, the Literature teachers and a handful of students (including me) read out poetry.

Valentine's Day Poetry Reading in the Library )

Anyway. After the Bazaar, we new ICS members went to the Tamil classroom to have a sort of CCA Orientation, playing a whole bunch of games. Sure, it was fun, but we ended at seven thirty!!! And as I said, I don't mind helping out, but if all we'll be doing in most of the meetings is playing games, I'd rather spend my time in the library, honestly. Because having 2 CCAs is stressful and having to divvy time between them even more son. According to the paperwork ICS may be my first CCA but I'm giving priority to the Libray Club.

Thursday, sadly, was the last day or our Orientation. We had another Mass Dance practice first. And after lunch we had Wet Games! I was completely soaked by the end of the last wet game. Did you see 300 (only the most awesome movie EVER!)? You know that tortoise-like phalanx formation, when they're all clustered together, their combined shields forming an impenetrable shield around them and over them? We ended up doing something similar! We had to prevent this rolled up newspaper from getting wet, so two guys held it and the rest of us clustered around them. And I was part of the outermost circle, arms linked, being a human shield. XDDD And I was facing the other group. So I got bombarded with water bags, and managed to swing my arms up and deflect quite a few from the centre. And then some guys realised out loud how similar this was to 300, I heard them saying the title and the name of Sparta.. You know how in the movie King Leonidas yells, "THIS... IS... SPARTAAAA!!!" and kicks the Persian messenger into the pit? So I was yelling," THIS... IS... GLORIAAAA!" and kicking out, and we won in the end.

That was the last wet game. We had quite a few before that. One of them was this thing where they covered a grassy slope with a huge canvas sheet and poured detergent all over it. And then we had to use teamwork and climb up the slippery slope! We managed, though. XD And we also played stuff involving water guns, and water bombs, and cups of water and umbrellas and speed. SO MUCH FUN. Then we all went to change and have dinner.

Orientation pictures with descriptions ) 

Alrighty, I have more than 60 e-mails, mostly alerts, to wade through, and I've been sadly inactive at the Lower Tadfield Air Base due to school. Also, this post is horrendously long as it is. So I'm signing off for now.

~ Sivaroobini


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