Sep. 15th, 2011 01:51 pm
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Very late, I know. On the 20th of August, I attended the Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention and had an amazing time. 8D I went with my dad. (I was supposed to go with my sister and we were planning to go as Michael and Gabriel, but she works with kids with special needs in school and is taking a course on dealing with autistic kids; one session was sheduled for that Saturday. ;_; We were very disappointed, but I asked my dad to go with me instead and he enjoyed it too.) I tried to get Dad to wear his Starfleet uniform (he has Captain Picard's uniform, it was a birthday gift from my sister) but he was a bit too shy; after seeing everyone else at the con though, he said he'd wear it next year. XD

I went as Death from the Sandman comics. :D I already had a pretty black blouse with puffy sleeves and a long black skirt, and my hair can pass for Death's on a normal day, I just had to forgo the serum I use to tame it and then fluff it up a little. The blouse sleeves were short and I didn't want to have to paint my entire arms white, so I sewed myself arm-warmers. :D I had to borrow my sister's eyeliner though, and I NEVER wear eyeliner and had no idea how to apply it, so I looked odd. >_>

I did whiten my hands, but it just kept rubbing off through the day and I gave up pretty fast.

I was very amused to find another Death, who was accompanied by Dream (and had much better eyeliner). Hot damn, I want Dream's coat.

More photos! )

All in all, I had an absolutely awesome time at my first con. <3

Fandom meme

Sep. 4th, 2011 03:25 pm
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Meme taken from both [ profile] steadfast and [ profile] sunflower_mynah.

1. List 10 or more fandoms you like;
2. Your f-list will guess your favourite characters in each.

1. Harry Potter (4) - Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Hermione Granger and Luna Lovegood.
2. Tolkien (6, only because it's been more than six years since I read The Silmarillion and cannot remember one of Feanor's sons I liked) - Aragorn,
3. The Sandman comics (5) - Death, Morpheus, Delirium,
4. Discworld (10) - Sam Vimes, Captain Carrot Ironfoundersson, Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg, DEATH, Susan Sto Helit, the Death of Rats, Rob Anybody Feegle, Tiffany Aching, and the Librarian.
5. Good Omens (4) - Aziraphale and Crowley,
6. The Chronicles of Narnia (5) - Edmund Pevensie,
7. The Lucifer comics (5) - Mazikeen,
8. The Dresden Files (4) - Michael Carpenter, Harry Dresden, Bob the Skull,
9. Disney (like the font isn't a clue XD) (4)- Simba,
10. Supernatural (3) - Gabriel,
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I've been on a cleaning/organisational frenzy at home since my job contract ended, and clearly it's extending to LJ. I thought I should try to collect all my fics (the ones I'll admit to, anyway) together in one place. I suck at ratings, so if you think something should be rated differently, please comment saying so. :)

Bear in mind that the earliest stories are most likely not all that good; I started writing fanfic in 2005 and I was only 12 going on 13 then. And that there is a fair amount of slash (male/male pairings: the pairings are stated clearly, so if it offends you, please don't read), and some of the role-play entries may be friends-locked (however, if you add my RP accounts as friends to read them, I will add you back ASAP).

Harry Potter fanfiction  )

The Chronicles of Narnia fanfiction ) . Autumn reminds Susan and Lucy of Narnia.

Perfumes of Narnia - Pevensies, Peter-centric, PG13, 2010. Peter is a man in a boy's body.

Constellations and Promises - Susan and Lucy, Lucy-centric, PG, 2011. It was hard to see the stars in London. [Titled Promise on FanFiction.Net]

The Black Magician Trilogy fanfiction )

Good Omens fanfiction )

The Sandman fanfiction )

Miscellaneous fanfiction )

Role-Play and Original Fiction )

Hopefully I remember to update this thing. :D
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Today I returned home from another awesome day out (I rarely spend my days off at home these days, it seems; friends and family are all clamouring for my time. I feel loved.) and was placing my necklace and earrings back in one of the tiny drawers I keep my [numerous] accessories in, when I noticed something that most of the contents seemed to have in common.

I was wearing that long necklace of polished garnet chips, those red-and-brass earrings, and that red-and-beige wooden bead bracelet with a red tartan hair scrunchie and glittery red hairband, a figure-hugging red blouse, a long ochre skirt with a few flowers embroidered in red and green thread and with red tartan on the hem, and very dark red shoes. And even my pottu was dark red and gold. GUESS WHAT MY FAVOURITE COLOUR IS. XD

So, in the morning I met Vatchala, an old friend of mine (she's seven years older than I am and used to be one of my mum's favourite students years ago; she became a family friend :D) for some delicious brunch and catching up. Awesome food, awesome company. <3 We need to meet up more often! :D

Later I went to Gena's house so we could work on our appeal letters for the universities together. We only got a little bit done, though. >_> Then we packed up and went to another friend's (Liying) house. Gena and Liying are singing at some charity performance to raise funds for dyslexic kids, so they were practising; they're really good singers. Alvie joined us later and we had lots of fun. :D

On to the book meme!

16. Adaptation: What book would you most like to see made into a film? Do you like to read the book first or see the film? Any books you have read after seeing the film version? )

17. What is the most difficult book you’ve ever read? )

18. Your favourite book series & your favourite book out of that series )

19. Your favourite picture, junior fiction and Young Adult books )

20. Least favourite plot device employed by way too many books you actually enjoyed otherwise )

Now to read some fanfiction [ profile] minselding  has sent me. :D
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I'm tired and just want to watch Justice League or something, but I've already put off posting about the outing with [ profile] sunflower_mynah  aka Mysti on the 18th for a few days. XD Admittedly, I've had work.

On the 18th of May, for some youth animation festival thingy, they were showing Coraline in 3D, and there'd also be Making-Of scenes and talks by people who'd worked on it. I found out when they were selling tickets during the World Free Comic Book Day celebrations at work, called Mysti, invited her along, and bought two tickets.
Summary with photos! )

On to questions 11 to 15 of the book meme!

11. Do you own multiple copies of any book? What are they? Why do you have multiple copies? )

12. Book borrowing – do you use the library? Do you prefer to try before you buy? What about lending your books to friends? Are you a good borrower, do you remember to return books?  )

13. Do you reread a lot? Why (not)? Name a book you have reread many times. )

14. What is the best book you’ve read in the past year?  )

15.Do you recommend books to other people? If you could force everyone you know to read one book, what would it be?  )

See, this is why I cannot do all 30 questions at one go like [ profile] sunflower_mynah  did; it'd be novel-length. XD I do have to work the early shift tomorrow though, it's now 12.20AM and I need to wake up by 6.40AM, so I need to post this and sleep!
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I've been either too busy or too tired for LJ. My new job keeps me really busy - I work five to six days a week, either 9.30AM to 6.45PM or 12.45PM to 10PM (10.30 on Saturdays), and then there's travelling time, so generally by the time I get home it's late, I'm tired, and I just want to curl up and read, or chat with friends on AIM, or watch Supernatural or The Mentalist or Justice League Unlimited, or one of the Ancient Egypt documentaries if I'm not too braindead.

Also, I recently bought and read the John Constantine graphic novel Hellblazer: Pandemonium and it was AWESOME. It has ancient Sumerian ruins and the goddesh Ishtar and Christian demons who were once worshipped as gods in the Middle East and ruined temples and a poker game with the gods and of course John himself... basically, almost everything I love. ♥ And there was this awesome bit on the last page that really resonated with me (Singapore just had an election, and I am disappointed, although proud of some areas). Here's the quote:

Blame the gods' cold machinations, or the fundamental violence of human nature; but which of us with the privilege to vote can claim innocence for the filthy crime of war? We have the choice who leads us, apathetic, into pandemonium." - John Constantine in Hellblazer: Pandemonium.

Awesome, isn't it?

Also, the 7th of May was Free Comic Book Day! :D We celebrated it at Kinokuniya by giving away free comics, giving away little Green Lantern figurines with every purchase, giving members a 20% discount on all comics, and having Stormtroopers and Darth Vader himself turn up for photos. :D

I also took advantage of that discount (I don't have a staff discount) to get myself the tenth Lucifer volume, Lucifer: Morningstar, and the Absolute Death volume! EEEEE. :D

Okay, so I could not resist. That's me in a black tank top and an ankh pendant, with my Absolute Death volume. ♥ In retrospect, I should have let my hair down, it's wild enough that if I ever did dress as Death properly, I wouldn't need a wig. The book is GORGEOUS, isn't it? As befits a beautiful character, say I. I wish my Mac camera hadn't laterally inverted everything though. ;_;

Now, on to the book meme. Since I haven't been online for so many days, I'm going to cheat by answering questions 5 to 10 in one post. XD

5. A book you acquired in some interesting way. )

6. A book with a story for you, that reminds you of something specific in your life (a person, a place, a time). )

7. What fictional character are you (secretly) in love with? )

8. The last book you acquired, and how (begged, bought, borrowed?). )

9. Your current read, your last read and the book you’ll read next. )

10. What author do you own the most books by and why? )

There. :D Off to spend some quality time with my new comics and wrap them in plastic.
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Sorry. I had to. XD

In the past ten minutes I've been squeeing and flailing in fangirlish glee more times than I can count. I'm probably horribly late for most of these, but I live under a rock as it is and have been highly distracted by personal drama lately and my fandoms are going to be a welcome distraction.

Good Omens TV series )

Discworld (Ankh-Morpork City Watch) TV series )

Anansi Boys movie )

Sandman TV series )

Back to reading Men At Arms. :D 
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Aka Commercialised Florists-ripping-you-off Day

Happy Lupercalia, everyone! <3

Went out with my mother today. XD I applied for a job at Borders - they should call back by tomorrow - and we bought some books. Then we went to this little coffee place just outside Borders called The Coffee Club. She had a chicken sandwich, I had a delicious chocolate muffin (warmed, so the chocolate chips had melted through the soft chocolate cake bit) and this tiny dessert thing that was a tiny glass containing mango puree and white chocolate and blackcurrent compote topped with sweet cream and a raspberry, and we both had hot chocolate.

I bought Neil Gaiman's The Sandman: A Game Of You, Deborah Harkness's A Discovery of Witches and Stephen Mitchell's translation of the Epic of Gilgamesh, titled Gilgamesh, creatively enough. She bought (or rather I bought it for her, with my gift cards) Curse of the Pharaohs by Zahi Hawass. Time to add all those to the reading list. :D
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Aargh. My A Levels were finished at the end of last November and I have a break until university starts much later this year. I'd been looking forward to this period SO MUCH last year, and planning what I'd do kept me going.

Now the months stretch ahead of me and I have so many things to do but just can't bring myself to finish them. Would the word ennui be appropriate? There are times when I just walk around the house, unable to motivate myself to finish any of my current projects or start a new one. None of them seem to appeal to me; sometimes they do but I don't feel like doing them anyway. When I'm on the computer, instead of writing or doing anything productive, I spend hours faffing about on Facebook or reading (in some cases, rereading) fanfiction.

Maybe a list will help. Things that are in progress will be italicised, things I've completed will be struck off.

Reading )

Movies/TV )

Music )

Writing/role-play )

Craft Projects )

Miscellaneous )

*stares at list* This is going to end up like that post-O Level list of mine, isn't it? Lakshmi and I wrote up a nice long list and we only did a few things on it. Sigh.
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This is just too adorable not to share. <3

Death in particular is made of cute and I love what Destruction is doing to Destiny's book. XD Their expressions are priceless. <3

On a vaguely related note: I have the entirety of the Sandman comics (except for The Little Endless Storybook, The Dream Hunters and all the The Dreaming Presents miniseries and the two Death comics), the Lucifer comics and the Hellblazer comics (up until issue #260, I believe) in my computer. :D

 But when it comes to actual books, real comics and graphic novels I can touch and put on my top shelf, I only have... The Comical Tragedy or Tragical Comedy of Mr Punch by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean, Neil Gaiman's Mr Hero The Newmatic Man #9 (a slim little comic issue still pristine in the plastic sleeve it came in),  Marvel 1602 by Neil Gaiman, The Books of Magic by Neil Gaiman, The Books of Magic Volume 1: Bindings by John Rey Nieber, Lucifer: Inferno (Vol 5) by Mike Carey, Lucifer: Evensong (Vol 11) by Mike Carey, The Sandman: Season of Mists (Vol 4) by Neil Gaiman, The Sandman: Fables & Reflections (Vol 6) by Neil Gaiman, John Constantine, Hellblazer: The Gift (Vol 24) by Mike Carey and John Constantine, Hellblazer: India (Vol 32) by Peter Milligan.

I still feel that e-books are not, somehow, as real as actual paper books that I can touch and stroke and smell and slip bookmarks into and slide into place on my shelf. And pretty books have a charm all their own. Yes, one shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but what if you know a book is really nice and a limited edition with a gorgeous cover comes out?

Anyway, I once bought an NIV Bible just because it had a pretty denim cover. XD (and it was more expensive than my Zondervan KJV Bible despite being a quarter of the size) yes yes I know, Aziraphale was an angel, but he also worshipped books, shush :P

So yes, despite the fact that I already have the Sandman comics in CBR format, I plan to one day own all four real Absolute Sandman volumes, plus the lovely bookends. I'm also hoping to get all the Lucifer volumes. And of course I'd love to own all the Hellblazer volumes, but I think I may need a new bookcase at this rate. XD Especially if I want to own all the Discworld books too - I have the entire set as e-books, but less than fifteen actual DW books. A bookcase made of sapient pearwood would be awesome. 8D

Sigh. I don't want money for its own sake. To me money = books. XD Reminds me of an incident in one of the malls of Dubai, when we were all walking back to the carpark after yet another day spent shopping. My uncle had just surprised me with a huge, gorgeous book, The Treasures of Ancient Egypt by Jaromir Malek. I had seen it in the bookshop earlier but the price tag had scared me off, and I was over the moon with joy when a short while later he handed a bag to me saying it was my Christmas present and I pulled that very book out.

So we were walking towards the escalators leading to the carpark when we passed Tiffany and Co, and my uncle pointed to it and commented, "You know, most girls would want gifts from there instead."

Me: *still hugging the book to my chest* Well, I'm not most girls. Anyway, you should be happy, books are cheaper than diamonds.

Uncle: *laughs* Yes, well. Whenever I go to the US my female friends always jokingly ask for something from Tiffany and Co.

Me: That's silly. I mean, noone's going to look at my neck and see what brand my necklace is.

Uncle: That's an interesting point of view. And true.

I'm supposed to not be attached to materialistic things, as a Hindu, but I am far too attached to my books and I want more. XD It's lucky there isn't a Commandment saying Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's books.

... come to think of it, I have a dreadful fondness for tartan - like most Good Omens fangirls, at least - and call people 'dear'... I'm doomed. And astonishingly happy about it.
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Or Samhain. :D

Sigh. If I could, I'd dress as Death (from the Sandman comics - I have the black clothes and ankh pendant, all I need is white makeup and eyeliner). But I'm stuck studying for the Very Important A Levels.

But still. Happy Hallowe'en/Samhain/Day of the Dead/All Saints' Day/All Souls' Day/what have you. :D Go forth and trick-or-treat! And brush your teeth after all that candy!

Also, I think His Royal Catliness made it a mission to scare me today. This morning I woke up because he was miaowing loudly. I thought he was on the floor, groped blindly for my glasses, put them on and opened my eyes, and nearly got a heart attack. He was sitting on the bed right in front of me, STARING AT ME.

I got a momentary but huge shock. XD And then I was like, "Happy Halloween to you too. Now shoo."

And just now, I saw something move out of the corner of my eye, behind the sofa. I turned slowly and it was just the cat. Who happens to be a black cat. XD Sigh.
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From [ profile] vnfan !

Rules: Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen books you've read that will always stick with you. First fifteen you can recall in no more than 15 minutes. Note that the wording is "will always stick with you" which I'm going to say does not mean favorite, which we've done before. It could, in theory, be something horrible that you hated, but can't shake off.

As far as I'm concerned, comics/graphic novels count as books. Especially if they're by Neil Gaiman or Mike Carey. Also, I cheated by putting quite a lot of series there. XD

1. The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien
2. Harry Potter (series) by JK Rowling
3. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
4. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
5. The Chronicles of Narnia (series) by CS Lewis
6. River God by Wilbur Smith
7. I don't remember the title of this very very thin yellow volume for young readers, but it was about the Norse myth of Loki and Baldur.
8. The Sandman (series) by Neil Gaiman
9. The Famous Five (series) by Enid Blyton
10. Everworld: Discover the Destroyer by KA Applegate (I think. It has been years since I looked at that book)
11. What Katy Did (series) by Susan Coolidge
12. Little Women (series) by Louisa May Alcott
13. Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
14. Ramses (series) by Christian Jacq
15. Lucifer (series) by Mike Carey

It's really hard to cut myself off at 15 minutes because I have a huge bookworm and I will freely admit that I like showing off my reading list. I'm always glad to see someone else with similar lists and will gladly talk books with them. If you've read this, I'd like to see your list. Consider yourself tagged! :D

Regarding 7 - I found that book in a cupboard together with my audiobooks (as a kid, I had a lot of those book-plus-cassette combos) when I was very small (preschool, I think, or maybe kindergarten). The book was REALLY thin, a very simplified version, but none of the emotion was lost and I found myself weeping for Baldur and absolutely HATING Loki for killing him, and the old woman who refused to weep for him. (Later on I came across versions in which it was either Loki or Hel pretending to be the old woman, but I don't remember whether or not this book just had the old woman as a separate character or not. Since I remember wishing that I could make the old woman cry, it probably stopped there.) I suppose Loki was the first character I truly hated as a child. XD

Regarding 10 - That book is on there because it stays with me, but NOT because I like it. In retrospect, and with the help of Google, I think that had I discovered it in the past couple of years, I would have liked it. As a very young child, however, I was probably a little too young for it. I found myself drawn in by it, but at the same time I was rather uncomfortable with a lot of it. I found it in a bookshelf and it was probably my brother's, but I had found it in my parents' room, so perhaps it had been confiscated from him.

It was certainly a lot darker than the usual things I read at that time - I believe it started with the main characters having their hearts taken away, pulled out of their chests, and replaced by rubies by Nidhoggr - and while I recognised the names of Loki and Huitzilopochtli and a few others, and the satyrs and nymphs, at the time I had not yet read enough to catch all the mythological references like Nidhoggr himself, or the Celtic fairies and the cauldron of the Daghda. Years later, as I read more mythology, I wondered why these names sounded familiar before realising that I had indeed read about them before. But as I said, when I read Everworld: Discover the Destroyer at that age, I was unable to catch all the references, and things like David's obsession with Senna, and Chris's jokes, and a lot of other things about the young adult (I think) characters, made me feel slightly uneasy. At the same time, as I said, I was strangely drawn in by the book and read it a few times over some years, but it was a sort of love/hate relationship. I think I gave it away later. I know some of you are not fans of the 'you're too young for this book' idea, but I honestly think I was too young for that book, at that time, and I wish I could have discovered it now instead.

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So on Tuesday, the Speculative Fiction Writers of Singapore had a meetup at the Writers' House in the Telok Ayer Arts Centre. And it was AWESOME.

I'd been a little worried initially, because most of the people in this group are adults and published authors and I'm just a kid who who writes loads of fanfiction and role-play and doesn't think her original things are ready to be shown to anyone. But they were all really nice and I had so much fun! The talks on sci-fi and fantasy and speculative fiction were really educational and I learnt a lot (though I could have done without that revelation about the symbolism behind the lightsabers in Star Wars. JF, I'm looking at you), and the other writers were awesome too and I very much enjoyed talking to them.

Also, I recently managed to finally obtain copies of  Neil Gaiman's The Sandman: Endless Nights, Death: The High Cost of Living and Death: The Time Of Your Life. Simply FABULOUS. I was blown away.

Although some days ago, I was reading Death: The High Cost Of Living on the train to school, surrounded by people, including this guy about my age who'd been glancing at my book quite a few times. I didn't know that at the end of the story comes a few extra pages in which the bubbly Death talks about AIDS, and was surprised, but enjoyed it. I liked the way she talked about those things, and I had no idea what was coming.

Then I turned the page, and caught a glimpse of Death demonstrating the correct use of a condom. In quite a large panel. Immediately, I slammed the book shut, face burning, and hoped nobody had been reading over my shoulder.

Later in a corner at school I finished reading it, and inwardly squealed at John Constantine's cameo, and giggled at how embarrassed he was and at the banana Death was using for the demonstration. I also thought that it was really cute and cool that Gaiman was spreading AIDS awareness through Death, one of the most awesome characters EVER. But yeah, the perils of reading Sandman on the bus or train. ;)


Sep. 23rd, 2009 04:50 pm
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First things first.

Today's the Autumn Equinox! xD

Also, I sprained my ankle last Wednesday but today I think it's completely healed! :D No comments about my badly grazed knee, though.

And, NEIL GAIMAN IS COMING TO SINGAPORE! For the Singapore Writers' Festival! He'll be giving a reading (with Amanda Palmer) and a talk and doing an autograph session at the Arts House on October 31st, and tickets are FREE but have to be collected from the Arts House box office at 11AM this Saturday, so MY DAD SAID YES AND WE'LL BE GOING TO GET MY TICKETS THIS SATURDAY!

I was so amazingly overjoyed after my dad said yes, I went into my room and shut the door and jumped around and screamed and had this humongous grin on my face. xD Then I called my best friend, Lakshmi, and screamed, "LAKSHMI,  NEIL GAIMAN'S COMING TO SINGAPORE AND I'M GONNA GO SEE HIM!!!"

Being very excited, I said this very fast and was steeling myself to repeat it when she was like, "OMG SIVA THAT'S AWESOME, I'm so happy for you! When's he coming?" See, that's the mark of a best friend, they understand what you're saying no matter how many kph your talking speed is. ^_^

Oh mannn, I am so freaking over the moon about this! I'd like to get all my Gaiman books signed but poor man, his hand will be tired. So I'm going to get him to sign my copy of The Sandman: Season of Mists, maybe American Gods, and definitely Good Omens. And I will take a photo with him. And I will kidnap him and make him write more stuff for me. And hopefully I don't scream or faint or otherwise make a fool of myself!

Hopefully I get my tickets! I hope my dad is okay with us going there an hour early, because I have a feeling other obsessed fans would do what I want to and get there REALLY EARLY so they're assured of a ticket. Wish me luck!

Off to post this news at [ profile] lower_tadfield so any Singaporean/Malaysian Gaiman fans there are informed of this joyous event. xP


Aug. 28th, 2009 08:36 pm
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So Wednesday was the day we student librarians split up into two groups to go to Kinokuniya and HMV to update our book and DVD stock, respectively. As you can guess, I eagerly volunteered to lead the Kinokuniya team. 

The Nanyang JC library's Sandman collection is incomplete, missing Dream Country, Season of Mists, and World's End. It would also be lovely if we had Endless Nights and the two Death books, Death: The High Cost Of Living and Death: The Time Of Your Life. With that in mind, after snagging quite a few other books along the way and gleefully placing them in my basket, I finally arrived at the Graphic Novels section (and by this point the basket was near full and extremely heavy).

Sweet Merlin. They had an entire shelf devoted to The Sandman!!! The entire series in individual volumes, including Endless Nights, and the Absolute Sandman collection, and the Death volumes, and I think I squee'ed. And you know the best bit? It was so much cheaper than Borders! Season of Mists was about $49.90 at Borders, (I was poking around there while waiting for my sister to arrive so we could go watch Half-Blood Prince the day it came out, and asked about SoM but couldn't afford it) but $27.30 at Kinokuniya! ^_^

So, very happily, I proceeded to buy myself both Sandman #4: Season of Mists and Neil Gaiman's Smoke and Mirrors. When I got home I actually jumped for joy once in the privacy of my room. :DDD

I started reading it on Wednesday night and finished at noon yesterday and IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME. I'm re-reading it now because Neil Gaiman is just that wonderfully talented. xP

But man, all those books were heavy. +_+ It's been a couple of days and my arms still ache, especially if I stretch them! And occasionally my lower back twinges. o_0

Also, I have brought Gabriel ( [ profile] cattygabriel ) to [ profile] dear_mun  and  [ profile] sixwordstories . Through [ profile] dear_mun , I met a very charismatic and fun-to-talk-to Lucifer, aka [profile] grace_descends , and have been thoroughly enjoying myself talking to those two at their RP LJs. I've also met various other angels, including a couple other Gabriels; most of them are from Supernatural RP, though. It's still fun talking to them; currently I'm chatting to a pretty and interesting Uriel at  [ profile] sixwordstories  . ^_^ I also met Morpheus, aka the Sandman himself, as [ profile] anoldaspect ! :DDD

This Lucifer's characterisation is based off the Lucifer from the DC comic series Lucifer, which in turn was based off the Lucifer from Sandman (especially in Season of Mists). Since it is extremely bloody hard to find Lucifer here - I found a couple of copies, from the middle of the series, at Borders and none at all at Kino - I mentioned that I knew nothing about that canon to [profile] grace_descends .  And now I am forever indebted to 'Lucifer' for uploading the entire Lucifer series and sending it to me as a .rar file! Plus, he sent me the link to download CDisplay to read it!

I now have the whole of the Lucifer comic series in my folder! :D:D:D I swear, I had this humungous grin on my face for aaages. The problem now is that I want to start reading so badly but I know I'll get hooked, so I must wait until after my Promotional exams are over, and the last day is on 15th October. *sigh* I must wait, and wait, and study, and study, and write important and very tough exams, and then FINALLY get to read it... :S Ah well. The point is, I can read it! xP It's in this computer!!! ^_^ *still cannot get over that fact*

Thank you SO MUCH, [profile] grace_descends , and I will be your willing slave until the next attempt at Armageddon. xD
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Strange story behind this one. I won't fault you for skipping the next couple of paragraphs.

So for the [ profile] lt_safe_house role-play, we were creating a plotline, involving Sandman, and the new Dream, Daniel Hall ([profile] dream_daniel ) and one of the Dreamstones mentioned in the Sandman books; I suggested amethyst, for its links to sleep and dreams (I do crystal therapy). And we needed baddies; Islington ([personal profile] oops_atlantis ) from Neverwhere had brought the crystal from the Void (my suggestion, since Islington was imprisoned there and the other Dreamstones were just "lost") to the Lower Tadfield Safe House and was to be our 'baddie', using it to create a little bubble of dreaming that would seal the area off from the true Dreaming. Due to real-life problems, Islington had to leave us, and my own creation, a 'new god' (going by American Gods mythos) of drugs, called Drugs (hey, I didn't come up with the name) would be the one to find the crystal and use it to create the bubble, since he wants his own realm and more power over the drug users, whom he currently 'shares' with Ishtar ([profile] lady_of_nineveh ), Pollution ([profile] virosa_amanita ) and Delirium (Sandman character, not an  RP character yet).

[ profile] _silverfox , aka Loki ([profile] leucemic_god ) would be NPC-ing (non-player character) Drugs, and Chris ([ profile] chrisvenus ) aka Dream, suggested (before I came up with the Drugs idea; I hadn't seen that) that the amethyst had been used by Morpheus, the first Dream, to imprison the first nightmare ever created. I said that sounded cool, and that I'd like to play this first nightmare. A bad online Latin translator told me that 'First Nightmare' in Latin was 'Primoris Nightmare' even though I know 'First' is Primus and 'Nightmare' sure as heck isn't Latin. But Primoris sounded cool, so I had my name for the character! So we fixed on Primoris manipulating Drugs into using the amethyst, so that eventually Primoris, the first nightmare ever created, will be freed. What happens next? Watch [ profile] lt_safe_house ! :D

Now that the backstory is over and done with, I give you my first study piece for Primoris, unimaginatively titled Primoris.

Disclaimer: While Primoris is an original creation, brainchild of [info]chrisvenus

and developed by myself, the universe he inhabits is that of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman universe.

When the first sentient creature ever created, all alone in the universe, closed its eyes and felt first nothing and then fear, I was there. )



Reviews/feedback would be much loved! ^_^

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A little tribute of my own to the King of Pop, worked into my first ever Sandman fanfic! :D

Disclaimer: Death is one of the most awesome characters in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman graphic novel series. One of her brothers is Dream aka the Sandman himself. I trust Michael Jackson needs no introduction? Let me just state first that I mean him no disrespect; this is my way of paying tribute to him, of hoping that he is at peace now. I do speculate about his face, but not about the cause of his death.

Finding Neverland


Pain. Intense pain. White flashes behind his eyes. Blackness. And suddenly... )


Reviews would be much loved. And in the meantime... Rest In Peace, Michael Jackson. You made a huge difference in the world. You tried so hard to heal it. And now it mourns you. Rest, and may you find your Neverland.

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Four drabbles written for the Good Omens Role-Play Easter Challenge. Major apologies to Raphael, Dream, Belial, Uriel, Michael, Loki and Ishtar, especially Raphael, who gets messed about loads!


The Easter eggs I had to hide in these drabbles: rabbit, egg, chick, tulips, basket, grass, hide-and-seek, children, bonnets, ribbon and ducks. Enjoy the hunt, although really, I didn’t really hide them.


Disclaimer: Crowley and Aziraphale belong to Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. Dream of the Endless belongs to Neil Gaiman. The various angels, demons and other mythological figures belong to themselves, although these interpretations of them belong to their players, just like this version of the Archangel Gabriel belongs to me. (My preciousss…) XP I’m just having fun messing with them (ssh, don’t tell Adam!). 

The last drabble is dedicated to [info]steadfast!


Nightmare )



Allergies )



Easter Surprise )



Jealousy )


Well, what did you think? (: Did you find all the Easter eggs? Again, apologies to the players and characters, especially Raphael and Ishtar. :D

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Recently, I finally started Neil Gaiman's award-winning graphic novel series, The Sandman. People had been recommending it to me for a while, and I really wanted to read it; however, it came to a head when someone signed on as Dream of the Endless for the Good Omens role-play and I thought, here's the perfect excuse - I REALLY need to know more about whom I'll be interacting with. ;P

I was so excited when I saw the first one, Preludes and Nocturnes, in the Nanyang JC library, along with a Japanese fairy-tale version by Gaiman, The Dream Hunters. I opened Preludes and Nocturnes - and was swept away.

Dream is one of the seven siblings known as the Endless - in age order, if I recall correctly they are: Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction, Desire, Despair, and Delirium. (Desire and Despair are twins, and Delirium was once Delight before she changed - also, Destruction left the Endless about three centuries ago). His appearance "depends on who's watching", but generally he is very tall, with skin so pale it's white, and he wears black - sometimes he wears a black cloack with flames on the hem. His eyes are deep, almost empty-looking, and dark, like the midnight sky, and twin stars shine in their depths.

And yes, I was so obsessed that, while reading, I snapped pictures of the different faces of Dream, aka Lord Morpheus, with my camera and handphone.


^ This is my handphone wallpaper.


Enter the Dreaming, and view more pictures of Morpheus )

A closeup of the awesome appearance of Morpheus on the cover of The Dream Hunters.


The cover of 'The Dream Hunters' )

Aaand the rest of the Endless:

Death (with the ankh around her neck), Delirium (crazy hair), Destiny (hooded, with the book) , Desire (sexy androgyne), Despair (squat, not very pretty, to put it mildly), and Destruction (in the armour), as seen at the wedding of their nephew, Orpheus, to Eurydice.

Also, the cover of The Sandman: Book of Dreams, because it was simply awesome:

I present Lord Morpheus, the Dream-King.

Now that I'm finally done with the pictures, let me rave about the dreams I have had in which Lord Morpheus appeared (I dream of Dream!), and those featuring him. As you would know if you're a Sandman fan, there's a difference between dreaming about him and his being in your dream.

The very first dream I had, where King Morpheus appeared, wasn't even a Sandman dream; I was at school, with my friends, including some of my close friends from Anderson who weren't in my junior college o_O and I was holding a book. A thick, black book, which bore a remarkable physical resemblance to the copy of Gaiman's American Gods I had fallen in love with earlier. However, this book had a different cover design and title, and the authors was me. I held in my hands a book I had written, which had sold beautifully, and which had rave reviews on the back. A dream indeed. I can actually remember some of the story, and one day I shall write it out properly.

There's a sort of bridge thingy connecting the two sides, the two stairwells; it's hard to describe. There's also a sort of courtyard-like thingy on the 3rd level, open to the sky. So those standing on the bridge thingy on the 4th and 5th levels and look down on us. So, in the dream, I was standing in that open area on the third level. I turned. Standing on the bridge thing (I forgot if it was on the third or fourth level bridge though) and looking right at me was Morpheus himself.

I would have known him anywhere. Tall and pale, no, white, he stood with his messy black hair and black robe billowing in the wind, although there was no wind. And his eyes... Like twin stars in the darkness, they held mine, although they seemed reddish - in the book that happens when he's angry, but he seemed calm enough here - and then, as I recognised him, I woke up.

That was an example of a dream he was in - he appeared there briefly. Perhaps the Dream Lord was curious?

The next dream brought me to the Dreaming, the realm of Morpheus.

I was in a large, no, huge room, with black walls and floor and ceiling. It was a shiny sort of black, like black marble. And I knew it for the throne room of the castle at the heart of the Dreaming, the throne room of the Dream King.

Then, Morpheus himself stood before me. I don't know how, but in the dream I got the feeling that he certainly wasn't expecting me. Still, as I said, I knew him. He was even taller and paler, with the usual messy black hair, and his rather tattered-looking robe. The cloak that formed itself around him then, though, seemed made out of shadows. And his eyes, as I have said, were twin stars that perhaps ought to have scared me, but didn't. I was awed but not afraid.

Sadly, I can't remember much more of this particular dream. :( I have the vague feeling that he was polite, and that we had a conversation - then, in the dream, I realised that this was a dream, and suspected the Gate of Horn, the gate of true dreams. Then I woke, feeling a little sad at having woken up, but also elated at having seen and talked to Morpheus. I could remember a bit of the conversation then, I think, or at least more details. But then I fell asleep then, and dreamed about the Lord Shaper once more, and forgot the details of the previous dream.

In this dream, we were on an island, in a place I instinctively knew as Greece. The waves crashed and gulls called, but we were not on the shore, we were on a grassy cliff. I say we, but I myself was not there, I think; I watched, as dreamers do. Morpheus was there, in the aspect of Oneiros. His wife, the muse Calliope and mother of Orpheus, was also there, as was Death, Dream's sister, and a few other women I cannot recall right now (this was last week, and dreams of Dream are hard to remember). I think Nuala was there too. I do recall that in my dream, the word gossip came to mind. The women talked about stuff, I think they mentioned Orpheus once or twice. This had to be before the death of Eurydice, because Calliope was still with Morpheus, and everyone seemed happy. XD I don't recall Morpheus himself joining in much; he was staring across the sea at another island.

When I woke after that dream, when I was still in that half-asleep state where you suddenly feel like you're a genius because of some epiphany in your dream you still believe to be true, I somehow knew instantly that this dream came to me through the Gate of Ivory, the gate of false dreams.

I know I had more dreams featuring the Dream-Lord after that, because I remember them vaguely, and waking from them - sadly, I can't remember them properly. :(  I'm pretty sure I returned to the Dreaming at least once.


Near the end of The Kindly Ones, Lord Dream of the Endless, Kind Morpheus, the Lord Shaper, the Dream-Lord, Kai'ckul, whatever you wish to call him, dies. :'(  As I read the panels leading to his death, the tears were pricking at the back of my eyes. I choked up as he died.

Tears welling up, I abandoned my usual practice of reading a new book twice to pick up The Wake. And as I looked at the beautiful illustrations, as I watched people entering the Dreaming for the wake of Lord Morpheus, as I watched the remaining Endless preparing, I began to cry. I found myself sharing Matthew the raven's sentiments towards Daniel Hall, the 'new' Dream, the one with messy white hair, and wearing white robes. As he [the new Dream] stated that he was Dream of the Endless, I almost hated him; as I sobbed brokenly, I was mentally screaming over and over, "YOU'RE NOT DREAM! You're not the Lord Morpheus we got to know; you're not the dark king who haunted my dreams!"

Strange; I was feeling such grief and pain for a fictional character, one I only got to know over the past couple of weeks. Yet, he had come so often in my dreams. And I had really grown to like and emphatise with him.

I cried and cried as I read; I had to keep stopping, holding my head in my arms and brushing away my tears. A couple of times, I even had to get up and find tissue to wipe my tears. I cried for more than half an hour, as I read The Wake, sobbing as Endless and mortal alike spoke at the wake of Lord Morpheus, and a bit after that, in bed.

[At the end of Brief Lives, after he grants Orpheus death, Morpheus remembers himself advising Orpheus when Eurydice died: And at times the fact of her death will hit you like a blow to the chest (I can't remember exactly what he said here, something about pain, and it being hard to go on). She is dead. You are alive. So live.

So live, Morpheus repeats to himself. Then he enters a bleak, empty room, and sit in an armchair, with his head in his hand.

Also, at the end of The Song of Orpheus, and again as repeated by Orpheus before Morpheus grants him death in Brief Lives, is what Morpheus says to his son: Your life is your own. Your death, likewise. Always, and forever, your own. Farewell. We shall not meet again. These two scenes were so beautifully sad; they play over and over in my head. Especially now.]

And here's something I still wonder at; I tossed and turned last night, trying desperately to sleep. And when I finally fell asleep, I dreamed of the Wake.

I was there, at the wake of Dream of the Endless, King Morpheus. I saw his friends, like Robert Gadling and Larissa the Thessalian witch. And I saw the Endless; especially Death, she sticks out in my mind. My mind felt strange, almost as if it were floating, or delirious, the same way I feel when I'm running a high fever or when I'm about to faint - perhaps because Delirium was there? I remember that, as I saw the Endless up close, there was this strange, high-pitched, insistent beeping noise. Finally, it pulled me back to reality.

I opened my eyes with a frustrated growl, to see the light on and my sister doing something to the air-conditioning, hence the beeping. I was so angry I'd been pulled from the wake. (Irony: my waking pulls me from the wake)

I feel asleep again, and this time I dreamed a dream I am certain should have belonged to the elf Nuala.

I knew somehow, in the dream, that it was something that Nuala was dreaming. Sometimes they were on a boat, sometimes they were on the seashore. Either way, Lord Morpheus and Nuala the elf-maiden stood there, alone together. In the Sandman story arc itself, Nuala loves Morpheus, but he does not return that love. He offers to give her a dream of his love, but she says she already has it. And then he returns - to the Dreaming and to his death. In the dream, somehow I knew this was after The Wake; Nuala was dreaming about Morpheus and that he returned her love.

I remember them talking, in the dream; I cannot remember the actual conversation now, only that it was sad and beautiful. And finally, he embraced her and they kissed [with me silently going finally]. Then I woke, knowing that this should have belonged to Nuala, and that it came through the Gate of Horn, with that certainty you have when only half-awake. Did I dream Nuala's dream for her, or with her?

Either way, I shall write it into a story, if I can. ;P

And as you can see, The Sandman has me completely under his spell. XP I absolutely love it, although it's made me shed as many tears as I did for Deathly Hallows - and that was for so many deaths; this is just for one death. All hail Neil Gaiman!

Meanwhile, it's past midnight, and sleep has been calling me for two hours; I've been fighting it to post this. I'm going to go and give in; I would like to see Morpheus again in my dreams, but he is dead, and I have little wish to see the new Dream.

A very goodnight and sweet Dreams to all of you! ;)

~ Sivaroobini

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And for the second time in two months, it's Friday the 13th. XDDD

I would just like to say: Thanks loads to everyone who's commented on Reflections, given me help/suggestions with things like userpics and characterisation, helped me along in the RP (yes, Gabriel's only in one thread, but I'm enjoying it - thanks to the lovely lady who plays Ishtar for giving Gabriel a helping hand!!) and who's basically helping me really enjoy my first serious role-play.

I was planning to ramble about Neil Gaiman's FANTASTIC Sandman graphic novel series, which I have recently started, and about some fabulous dreams I had featuring Dream (from Sandman) and the American Gods, but I have no time. The reason? My Health camp starts in ten minutes. <_<

Apparently, everyone who's even slightly overweight has to attend this thing called a Health Camp (apparently, I have to lose 0.7 kg). Tonight we're doing things like games and yoga, and sitting through lectures and videos on healthy living.

Tomorrow, we're going on the beautiful Southern Ridges nature walk, which is why I packed my camera, becuase the view should be beautiful if it doesn't rain like it has been for the past few days.

So I'm off, to have a nice healthy dinner and sit through health lectures. Oh, the joy of it all.


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