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This afternoon I was working on my essay on Autism Spectrum Disorder while the cats snoozed next to me, and in the living room Mark/[personal profile] bpambberger and Avalon were having their weekly SCA singing practice.

I'd already spoken with Mark about joining them for the Mushroom Song, so he called me before they started; I set my laptop aside, made tea and joined them, and we had a great time practising it; we plan to sing it at Pencampwr, at either the Victory Feast or the Bardic Circle. We also discussed other songs (we've settled on also performing The Hunt Is On, and we had a laugh at The Wager). Anyway, after a fun practice I went back to the theatre to get back to work, and found this:

Bast on laptop 2 2

After shooing her away I checked the damage, and found five pages of 'uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu'. Dammit Bast!

 photo Bast essay 1_zpsiapj1mbv.jpg

 photo Bast essay 2_zpsopo1kco9.jpg

Could have been worse, I suppose. She could have had her paw on the Backspace button, or turned the entire laptop off. :P I love Bast dearly, but dear gods she gets into a lot of mischief. XD <3

Dec. 1st, 2011 07:20 pm
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A very happy birthday to my dear friend and RP partner Sam, aka [ profile] kleine_teekanne! :D





You're an amazing friend and a creative and talented writer and RPer. ♥ Hope this day and the year ahead bring you joy!

Roobi, Gabriel, Belial, Bast and Crowley. ;)
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I think that pretty much sums it up, really. I have so many things to write - about half of them are actually half-written, and one file has decided to go MISSING and I still haven't found it - and I just can't. I stare blankly at those Word documents, occasionally crank out a few words, then delete them. Even role-play is tougher than usual right now and it's usually easy. And I don't even know why.

On a couple of occasions last year, I was feeling very mentally burnt out by school and all the stress of exams and stuff, had trouble writing, and on the second occasion I actually considered taking a break from RP because I was so tired all the time. I had trouble writing then too. But right now I'm done with schooling until uni starts, so it's odd. Yes, I sometimes sleep at 5 or 6AM, but then I wake up around 1 or 2pm...

However, the remedy for both the previous occasions proved to be sleeping in. Since tomorrow (or today, rather; it's 3.30AM) is Sunday and we're visiting my gran as usual, I guess I'll spend most of Monday sleeping. Hopefully that works! Otherwise, I might have to resort to this:

My archangel may be very fond of cats, but I don't quite trust a cat to write him. ;)

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A HUGE thank-you to the wonderful [info]elquay for sending me the lovely sparkly snowflake cookie to brighten up my profile for Christmas! *HUGS* You rock, dear.

Christmas is coming! School holidays! Yuletide! The Winter Solstice! My best friend's birthday! I love December! 8D Even though we get no snow in Singapore - only rain (it's the monsoon season) and humid, stifling heat. *MELTS*

Since I'm unable to bury myself in snow, I'm burying myself in Christmassy Good Omens fic, and Narnia fic, and I even dared to go poke around the FanFiction.Net page for Harry Potter but ran screaming in five minutes. Can someone recommend any good communities on LiveJournal?

I know I have a half-completed Good Omens/Murder Mysteries crossover fic about Aziraphale, angel!Crowley and the invention of snow somewhere. Must go dig it out and do some serious editing.

In other news: waking up next to Johnny Depp? Bah. Being woken by the soft paws and warm weight of a cat? AWESOMELY ADORABLE. ^_^

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There are four stray cats who hang around the void deck below my block. I feed them and play with them (except Michael) and I even named them after angels, due to my colossal Good Omens addiction. XP Gabriel and Michael are sort of regulars, as in they're usually hanging around here, but I haven't seen Haniel in months, and Raphael comes and goes. I haven't seen him in a few weeks. :(

Why did I name them the way I did? Well, the angels are usually portrayed a certain way in Good Omens fanfiction, or at least this is how I see them. Take the Archangel Gabriel. He always, to me at least, seems to have a sort of proud, dignified, almost regal or leonine manner and also seems like the sort, and this is reinforced a bit by [ profile] musegaarid 's The Twelve Days of Christmas and its sequel, Twelve Months, who seems cold at first but after you take the time to be nice and genuine towards him, he warms to you and is eventually affectionate.

When I first saw this adorable and huge cat (not fat huge, but very hugely built), the first impression I got was 'wow, he looks like a lion' because he had that same dignified leonine manner, although the leonine bit was easier for him since he's a regal-looking large cat. I think of him affectionately as my mini lion, and at first toyed with the idea of naming him Aslan, but decided not to, because although I'm not Christian, it didn't quite feel right to name my stray cat friend Aslan. His behaviour, too, reminded me a bit of Gabriel the way I see him - at first he was the typical dignified aloof cat, moving away slightly when I approached him, and even when he condescended to let me gently stroke his forehead with my forefinger, he'd look elsewhere.

Soon, though, he warmed to me, and now whenever he sees me he seems to perk up a bit and sometimes even gets up and pads over regally (no running for Gabriel, oh my) to rub against me affectionately. His fur is so soft, I love burying my hands in it and stroking his head or scratching under his chin.

This is Gabriel. You can see my fingers near his head; that's how huge he is.

He looks a bit smaller in this photo, but in real lfe he's huge.

Now Michael... most fanfics portray him as a rigid fellow with a temper problem, and that's putting it mildly, because I'm trying to keep this journal PG, and saying where he's (the archangel, I mean) got stuff stuck up would not be PG. There's a large black cat here I named Michael. Now, I find most animals cute, even bulldogs and pugs. And I can say that I can find Michael cute. Sort of. But his face isn't like Gabriel's. It's sort of squashed in, like Crookshanks. Neither is his personality like Gabriel's.

Michael, in all the months I've known him, cowers and spits when I approach him, even when I do it the 'prey' way; kneeling on the ground, slowly edging forward, hand held out, talking softly. He always looks bad-tempered, and the reason the photo of him is blurry and distant is that if I got any closer he'd spit at me.

This is Michael. Now, today was a red-letter day - he let me touch him! I'd fed him earlier, and stroked his back a bit as he ate, half-expecting him to move away, but I thought the only reason he didn't was that he was eating. Later, when I came down to check if Raphael had returned, I saw Gabriel and fed him. Then I slowly walked back to Michael, and he moved back a bit, so I knelt and moved forward very slowly, holding out my hand, and touched his head. I stroked his forehead the way all the other cats loved, and he actually sat there and closed his eyes.  I think Michael's getting used to me. :P

Haniel is the Angel of Love. Now, all angels are supposed to be gorgeous, but it follows that Haniel, being the Angel of Love, would be extra beautiful. Siamese cats are among the most beautiful cats, and while I doubt a stray at the void deck of a suburban block of flats would be a pure Siamese, you've got to admit, he does look the part - cream-coloured fur, darker brown limbs and tail, blue eyes...Of course, the markings, like the ones on his forehead, mark him as a mixed breed. He's very gentle towards humans, but for some reason he hates Raphael and always attacks the poor thing and can't stand it when I play with Raphael; I have to pet both of them at the same time to keep him calm, or feed them at the same time but not too near or he'll take Raphael's food.


This is Haniel. Beautiful, isn't he? Unfortunately, I haven't seen him in a few months. :( I do hope he's alright...

And, last but not least, my dear Raphael! Among the angels, Raphael is the Angel of Healing. And in [ profile] irisbleufic 's wonderfully sad and near-epic Crown of Stars, Raphael's personal sartorial style is... interesting, to say the least. And the cat I named Raphael has an equally interesting coat. My dad calls him an ugly cat, but to me he's just as beautiful as Haniel or Gabriel or even Michael (Yes, I know I said Michael has a sort of squashed-in face like Crookshanks, but I can't find furry animals ugly). Unfortunately, he's also very camera-shy, so the shots of him aren't clear.

Raphael's adorable, isn't he? I really am worried, I haven't seen him since... early October, I think, or mid-October at the latest. Raphael usually goes MIA for a while (perhaps spreading Healing, lol) but this is the longest he's been away, and he's so small and skinny... He's so affectionate too; if I'm sitting down he'll walk into my lap and once I had to sit there on the ground for a while beause he'd fallen asleep there, and he climbs over my bag and onto my back or chest, trying to get near my face, where he nuzzles me and tickles me with his whiskers. I made my sister give him her tuna once when he was miaowing particularly pathetically outside my house. How he got up there I have no idea, since I live on the top floor. He's the most vocal out of the cats, and he doesn't even miaow properly; he has a weird hoarse scratchy sort of voice and goes, "Aaooo...". But he just purrs so contentedly when you hold him...
I do hope he returns soon, and that I haven't bored you guys with my long, long anecdote about my dear strays! Oh yes, apologies for the picture quality, they were taken with my handphone.


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