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Constable Dorfl, Sergeant Cheery Littlebottom (with Wee Mad Arthur on her shoulder, mostly hidden by her beard), Commander Sam Vimes (with Errol the swamp dragon), Captain Carrot Ironfoundersson, Lance-Constable Sally von Humpeding, Captain Delphine Angua von Überwald and Constable Reginald Shoe.

Oz Comic-Con Perth was on March 29th and 30th this year, so the Perth Drummers (the local Discworld fan group) decided to make costumes and go as the Watch on the 29th. :D It took us ages and lots of tape, newspaper, bondo, sanding, spak and more sanding and some awesome paint jobs.

I made Cheery's, Angua's and Sally's breastplates a little curvier. XD These were made from chicken wire, then taped, then covered in several layers of papier-mâché, then painted. And all of us still got various scratches from the chicken wire poking out through the layers at the con.

Wee Mad Arthur!

Alex (Sally) puts cuts and stitches on Kai (Reg). They looked really good! Michael (Vimes, sitting in the chair) had also done a scar across his left eye which looked really good in person but doesn't seem to be very visible in the photos.

Me as Cheery, before the beard. I did apply eyeliner and eyeshadow (it was one of the few times in my life that I wore eyeshadow, and the first time I'd tried putting it on by myself) and lipgloss, but my glasses hid the former and afterwards the beard hid the latter. >< Also, that skirt was started by Alex the previous night and then finished by Mason that very morning. And Damien had made everyone's badges.

Damien as Dorfl. He'd made the foam costume for a Discworld con in the UK some years back, so for this one he just needed the helmet, breastplate, cloak and badge.

Alex's recruitment poster.

Taken by Katiepaige Photography on Facebook.

The following black-edged closeups were all taken by Alex, and I'm using her captions from Facebook (with names added).

Pale and interesting Sally (Alex).

CSI Cheery (me) with Wee Mad Arthur.

Claymation! (Damien as Dorfl.)

The Watch zombie, Reg (Kai).

Old Stoneface (Michael) and Errol.

Your friendly lupine officer, Angua (Caro).

Our hero, Captain Carrot (Mason).

Happy Carrot.

And my axe!

Taken by Michael. I love that unlike everyone else's cloak, Sally's cloak is velvety. XD

Cheery teams up with Captain America Ankh-Morpork?

Cheery and Dorfl run into three of the dwarves from The Hobbit. Perhaps due to L-Space? (With Stephen Hunter/Bombur,  John Callen/Oín and Dean O'Gorman/Fíli.)

Tintin teams up with the Watch!

The Watch is ever vigilant.

Reg is strangely pleased about this Ringwraith. XD

Vimes is suspicious of Red Skull, Yoda and the Wookie.

Taken by someone, I'm not sure whom, at the cosplay parade.

The Bucket in Gleam Street, the preferred tavern of watchmen just off duty, has apparently been refurbished.

I had so much fun. :D Though I'm not used to walking in heels, so spending the whole day in Cheery's heeled boots left my feet very sore. Still, it was an amazing day and my fellow Watchmen/Drummers are awesome.

T'dr'duzk b'hazg t't!


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